Orthodox meaning

What is Orthodox:

Orthodox comes from the Greek, from the roots ὀρθός (orthós-), which means correct or straight, and δόξα (-dox), which means opinion or belief.

Orthodox is one that meets traditional and generalized norms or that faithfully follows or is in accordance with the principles of a doctrine, a trend or an ideology.

Orthodox is something legitimate, something correct or true, which is followed by the majority of a community. Normally, orthodox is also something old, traditional, rudimentary, little evolved or conservative.

This term is used to classify the Eastern Christian religious doctrine that was founded in the 9th century as the Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church or simply the Orthodox Church when it separated from the Apostolic Catholic Church of Rome.

Although its origin, traditionally, is in Jesus and his twelve disciples, it includes the churches of Russia, Greece, Romania and other Balkan countries that obey the patriarch of Constantinople, they are in accordance with the creeds of the early church, and currently exist in all the world. It has more than 225 million faithful throughout the world, therefore, it is the second largest Christian church in the world.

In boxing, when you talk about fighting orthodox style, you mean fighting on the right guard.

Orthodox and heterodox

Heterodox is something that is not orthodox, therefore it is something false, not true, wrong. A heterodox is someone who is dissatisfied or does not agree with the dogma and beliefs of a certain religion, or with the ideas or practices of any generally accepted doctrine.

Thus, when it is said that something is unorthodox, it refers to something that does not follow some traditional rule, something that comes out of the ordinary, the conventional, the accepted, something that is heterodox.

It also refers to something that is not very rudimentary, traditional, or old. An unorthodox behavior can mean an uneducated behavior or to have had an attitude, a behavior or carried out an action without having thought well before or with wisdom.

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