Oscilloscope Meaning

What is Oscilloscope:

The device that allows visualizing the representation and recording of electrical signals that can vary over time is known as an oscilloscope, and said image obtained is known as an oscillogram.

The main function of the oscilloscope is to present the values ​​of the electrical signals, in the form of coordinates, through a screen.

Generally the "X axis" symbolizes the times, and the "Y axis" represents the input voltages in volts, mini volts, micro volts, and so on. The collection of these images is called an oscillogram.

In addition, the “Z axis” or THRASHER is included, which is in charge of controlling the luminosity of the beam, allowing to enhance or eliminate some segments of the graph.

Oscilloscope Uses

As such, the oscilloscope is a device or mechanism that can be used in various fields of work because it has the ability to measure various phenomena, so much so that even in the area of ​​medicine they can be used. For instance:

  • The value of a pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Sound power
  • The level of vibrations in a vehicle.
  • Measure phases between signals.
  • Oscilloscope Parts

Oscilloscope Parts

Oscilloscopes are composed of a set of basic parts that make measurements and visual representations of data possible so that it can be analyzed by specialists.

Cathode ray tubes: also known as screens, they are those that contain fluorescent substances inside and that allow the visualization of the signal to be analyzed.

Time base: its function is to ensure that the applied voltage appears on the screen as a function of time, on the "X axis", as mentioned above.

Horizontal amplifier: its objective is to amplify the signals it receives through the horizontal input (X), that is, signals that come from the time base.

Vertical amplifier: it is responsible for increasing the signals received through the vertical input (Y).

Synchronism system: allows the image on the cathode ray tubes or screen to be clear and stable.

Types of oscilloscopes

There are different types of oscilloscopes, the most used are digital, analog and automotive, the latter is used to measure actuators, sensors, among others.

You can also name the oscilloscopes integrated into the PC, which is a device that is connected as an interface, for this the program must be previously installed on the computer.

Digital and analog oscilloscope

Analog and digital oscilloscopes are the most widely used. Analog oscilloscopes work directly with the applied signal, which, when amplified, deflects the electron beam in a vertical direction proportionally to its value.

Digital oscilloscopes, on the other hand, previously use an analog-digital converter in order to be able to store the received signals digitally, and then reconstruct the information reflected on the screen.

Below are the advantages, differences and the field of use that both oscilloscopes have, the following can be mentioned:

Analog oscilloscopeDigital oscilloscopeThe signal is periodic as it is the only way to refresh the trace on the screen.The signal is digitized by an analog-digital converter.High-frequency signals reduce brightness, consequently it is not very sharp.Clean and bright trace.Limited memory storage.Unlimited memory storage.It does not allow pre-firing.Advance trigger (pre-triggering) for the display of short-term events, data that is then transferred to the computer.It has a bandwidth in real sampling.Amplitude-dependent constant bandwidth.The costs of these equipments are moderate.The costs of this equipment are high.

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