Meaning of Ósculo

What is Ósculo:

Ósculo is a cultism that means kiss given with respect or affection as a greeting. This word comes from Latin oscÅ­lum. Formed by you ("mouth") and -culum (diminutive suffix). Sometimes it is related to the term "amplexus" (poetic form that means "hug"). In Zoology this word is used to designate the largest hole in sponges, through which it is expelled into filtered water. It is also known as the "exhaling pore or channel". The word "kiss" would be the synonym, although there are terms that can be similar to "caress with the lips".

Holy bone

The holy kiss is a term that identifies an affectionate kiss type but is not related to sexuality. It is a form of greeting among the first Christians, as it appears, for example, below: 'Greet one another with a holy kiss " (1 Corinthians 16:20). The kiss, however, is not unique to Christianity. Kissing is a widespread custom in the Middle East as a form of greeting. Sometimes it appears reflected as a kiss on the cheek, forehead, beard, hands, feet, but not on the lips.

Symbolism of the kiss

Being a simple and innate gesture, the kiss or kiss has been used throughout history, also for its sexual value, for its symbolic value. It is usually associated with affection and affection, although when it is given without this intention it is considered that a person is being false and hypocritical. In this case, it is often called the "kiss of Judas" (in some translations of the Bible as "kiss of Judas"). It is used mainly as a form of greeting and farewell and to show affection. Depending on the sociocultural context, the place and the way in which it occurs, the kiss can also symbolize, among others, respect, loyalty, admiration, peace, gallantry, healing or good luck.

Infamous bone

Infamous muscle, called in Latin infamous osculum, is a ritual practice attributed to witches, especially during the Middle Ages.In it, supposedly, the witches kissed the Devil on the anus, which would be identified as "the other mouth". The Devil appeared in animal form, for example a male goat. It was an initiation rite prior to the celebration of a coven and was considered a form of penance.

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