Meaning of Osiris

What is Osiris:

Osiris is a god from Egyptian mythology who founded the Egyptian civilization by introducing laws and agriculture. Osiris represents the regeneration of the river Nile and the underworld.

In ancient Egyptian, Osiris is Roast which means "throne of the eye". In the Egyptian it is Grab or Usir. In Castilian it is named Osiris.

Osiris is represented with green or black skin, with a crown atef, the crook heka and the whip or the center uas. The green color of its skin represents the color of vegetation and regeneration, in turn the black color is related to the fertile and black soil that in each overflow of the Nile River produced new life to the field.

Myth of Osiris

According to Egyptian mythology, Geb (the earth) and Nut (the heavenly vault) had four children:

  • Osiris: king of the beyond,
  • Seth: represents chaos and desert,
  • Isis: the goddess of egyptian goddesses
  • Nephthys: symbolizes night and death.

It was customary for the brothers to marry each other so Osiris marries Isis and Seth marries Nephthys. From the union of Osiris and Isis Horus (king of Egypt) is born while Seth and Nephthis beget Anubis (the one in charge of accompanying the dead to the afterlife).

Osiris becomes the god of the underworld due to his brother Seth's envy of his achievements in civilizing the Egyptian nation. The myth tells that Seth, to get rid of his brother, orders to build a beautiful coffin with the exact measurements of Osiris to present it at a party where all the Egyptian gods and deities would be.

At the celebration, Seth offers the box as a reward to those guests who manage to fit in perfectly. Thus Osiris was deceived inside the coffin. Seth murders his own brother by sealing the box and throwing him into the Nile River to later crown himself as the new king of Egypt.

Isis finds her husband and brother Osiris dead following the current of the Nile and watches him out of Egypt. Seth is afraid that the powers of Isis could bring Osiris to life so he finds the body, tears it into seven parts and scatters it throughout Egypt.

The goddess Isis manages to recover all the parts of Osiris's body except the genitals. With the help of Anubis, Isis manages to resurrect Osiris, engendering Horus in the process. The resurrection of Osiris makes him the god of the underworld, presiding over the Court of the judgment of the soul.

Some years later, Horus defeats Seth in a battle. Seth was captured and brought to trial in front of the court where the god Thoth condemns him and passes the throne of Egypt to Horus.

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Osiris and the Catholic religion

Students of comparative mythology point out that the stories about the life and work of Jesus Christ are an adaptation of ancient Egyptian legends because in the Osiris myth they consist of elements repeated by the creators of Christianity, such as:

  • Both Osiris and Jesus Christ were resurrected on the third day.
  • In ancient Egypt, the death and resurrection of Osiris was celebrated in the same way that Christians honor the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • In terms of symbolism, Osiris and Jesus Christ are both represented by a cross despite having different meanings: in the case of Osiris the cross represents life, on the other hand, the cross of Jesus Christ symbolizes torture.

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