Meaning of Ostracism

What is Ostracism:

Ostracism means isolation or exclusion. It is a term that comes from ancient Greece, the Greek word ὀστρακισμός (ostrakismós) exactly means banishment by ostracism.

The word ὄστρακον (óstrakon) means shell or shell (eggshell, turtle shell), even those made of clay. Interestingly, it also refers to a piece of terracotta in the shape of a shell where the names of those citizens of antiquity who would be exiled after a vote were written. Many have been found at the site of the Agora of Athens.

Ostracism in Athens

Ostracism was a form of punishment imposed on citizens suspected of exercising excessive power and restricting public freedom. The law was instituted in Athens as a measure to prevent the formation of a new tyranny, a popular self-defense mechanism. The citizen condemned to ostracism, was sentenced to a 10-year exile or permanently.

Social ostracism

Social ostracism is the withdrawal (imposed or voluntary) of an individual from the social environment or from participation in activities that were previously common. A form of ostracism that occurs with some frequency is in the artistic environment, when the professional disconnects from the public or withdraws for a time, being, at times, completely forgotten.

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