Meaning of Otear

What is Otear:

"Otear" means to look from a high place into the distance. For example, "From the tower, he scanned the horizon and discovered a ship." Although not widely used, "peep" also means to scrutinize, record, or look carefully.

Synonyms of otear

The word "look out" is not considered cultism, but it is rarely used in common parlance. Some similar terms can be: look, spot, discover, glimpse, glimpse, glimpse, scrutinize and watch.

Scan the horizon

On many occasions, the "horizon" is spoken of when the verb "look out" is used. It is the action of looking into the distance as far as the eye can see. To obtain a greater range, it is located at a high point whereby the limit that is reached is the horizon line.

This action is normally carried out with the purpose of discovering or finding something in the distance. Therefore, it is not used as a synonym for "observing" or "contemplating" in the sense of "admiring the landscape". You can "scan the horizon", for example, in an expedition or in war situations as a defense or attack strategy to establish, among other things, the position and number of troops.

According to various calculations, an adult person of average height and standing, looking at the horizon from a flat place (for example, from a beach facing the sea), can reach approximately 5 kilometers away. When scanning the horizon (that is, looking from a high place), the range is much greater. That is why since ancient times, humans have built buildings such as watchtowers or watchtowers on high places. However, objects on the horizon are difficult to distinguish by the human eye without the aid of optical devices.

Origin of "otear"

There are several proposals to establish the origin of this word. Its origin could be from Latin altum (high or deep), and after having evolved in old Castilian to the word oto (hill or high place), which would give rise to "look out" and "butte" (isolated hill overlooking a plain).

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