Meaning of Grant

What is Grant:

To bestow is to confer or yield. To bestow is also to give grace to something.

The term to grant is of Latin origin "autoricare"Variant of"auctorare" What does it mean "consent, give support or endorsement for it”.

The term grant can be used in different settings. In the case of granting a payment letter, it refers to the document in which the creditor states that he has obtained from the debtor the total payment or part of the debt, in a personal context, granting trust is the security that an individual has for another. person or thing, it can be reduced or reinforced with respect to the actions of the other person "I have confidence to tell you a secret."

In the same way, the prizes involve the granting of a recognition such as the Golden Ball in which the best European player of the year is awarded, likewise, the Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded annually for the writings that stand out in literature, among others awards.

In the same way, in the area of ​​Law there is the term of granting is the action of granting an instrument such as power of attorney, testament, among others. In the same way, it is the writing of a contract where it consists of 1 or more legal acts authorized by the Notary attesting to the legal capacity of the parties and the content as "the authorization by the owner of a property to another person in order to to be able to sell it in the absence of him ”.

In reference to the above, the grantor is the one who empowers a certain person to perform certain acts on their behalf.

The word grant can be used synonymously with: donate, assign, grant, confer, among others. Some antonyms for grant are: deny, prohibit, veto, deny.

The term of granting translated into the English language is “grant”.

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