Meaning of black sheep

What is black sheep:

Black sheep is a way of referring to a person with an apparently different personality from the rest of their family or group. It is usually associated with the family member considered problematic or maladjusted.

Black sheep is a negative rating if it is referred by the family, since it is characterized by challenging the customs, values ​​or traditions of the family group.

The origin of the term “black sheep” stems from the reference that the shepherds made to the flocks, where the white wool sheep were the most desired because their wool could be dyed. When a black sheep appears within a herd, it is generally despised since its wool does not meet the expectations of being able to choose the color but will always be black, that is, it must be accepted as it is.

Black sheep in families are generally looked down upon or not valued and therefore often feel misunderstood. Today, psychology emphasizes individual differences as potentially special characteristics of each person, which is why black sheep have managed to find outside their family nucleus the support they need to shine.

Black sheep is translated in English as black sheep.

Black sheep It is also a Mexican film released in 1949 by the director Ismael Rodríguez and starring Pedro Infante and Fernando Soler.

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