Meaning of Ovino

What is Ovino:

Sheep refers to cattle that have wool.

Sheep is made up of small ruminant animals, with hair on their snouts. Some have horns, in males they are larger and coiled in a spiral, like goats.

Sheep, rams, mouflon, goats and their young belong to the taxonomic group, with subfamily category, of sheep.


Sheep farming is the raising and use of sheep by man.

Sheep are domestic ruminant ungulate quadruped mammals and have a longevity of between 18 and 20 years. In the Near East around the 9th millennium BC. The mouflon began to be domesticated in order to take advantage of its skin, for the manufacture of leather objects, its wool, for the manufacture of yarns, various fibers, for both industrial and domestic purposes, and its meat and milk, which are consume as food. Milk can also be used to make dairy derivatives, among which cheese stands out.

Lambs and sheep are part of the sheep family.

These sheep in their reproduction show sexual dimorphism, that is, the males and females are of different size, color or shape.

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