Meaning of UFO

What is UFO:

UFO is the acronym for unidentified volatile object, it is each one of the supposed flying devices of shapes more or less similar to that of an inverted plate and of apparently extraterrestrial origin that seems to have been seen by people.

It is not known exactly when the history of UFOs began, although archaeoastronomy indicated that the evidence of the UFO phenomenon dates back to antiquity but it was not until 1947 that a sighting occurred when the North American civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold observed 9 very strange aerial artifacts flying near Mount Rainier in Washington state.

After what is indicated above, there are millions of testimonies around the world that claim to see a UFO seen and many of them record their appearances through photographs or videos, originating debates about the probability of existence of life outside planet earth.

According to the testimonies, the UFOs present the following characteristics: metallic surface with luminosity, high speeds: those observed by Arnold had a speed of approximately 1400 km / h, they have different shapes and sizes, finally, they have the ability to appear and disappear instantly at a point in space,

On the other hand, ufology or UFOlogy, is the science in charge of studying the UFO phenomenon from collected materials such as: photographs, videos, testimonies, radar report, among others, to discover the origin of the unknown phenomenon and, if identified the object loses the UFO classification.

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