Meaning of Owner

What is Owner:

Owner It is an English term that when translated in Spanish means “owner”. The expression owner Due to its meaning, it can be used in different contexts, although it is used mainly in the world of technology, for example: on sites, in computer programs, among others.

In reference to sites, the expression owner It is not found precisely in the sites that are constituted under the English language since it is possible to locate somewhere the referred term that generally has the name of the owner of the site, specifically, all the contact information of the person who created the site .

Taking into account, the meaning of owner it can be deduced that it is used to indicate that someone owns or owns something, it can be: animal, real estate, furniture or anything else that the individual acquires and, therefore, is the owner, such as: "my mother is the owner of the car", Translated into Spanish is" my mother is the owner of the car "or"businessowner"Which means you are a" business owner. "

Similarly, the term owner is related to owned, means "property" or "domain" of a person or a specific person. Also, it means: to deceive, confuse, betray someone. The term owned In computing, it is used by hackers, virtual pirates who are responsible for stealing websites of people or companies and even both and, when they invade the site they leave a written message with the term "owned " on the home page, in order to express that it was mastered.

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