Meaning of Patient

What is Patient:

The patient is the person who suffers from pain and discomfort and, therefore, requests medical assistance and is subjected to professional care for the improvement of their health. The word patient is of Latin origin "patiens" What does it mean "suffering " or "suffered”.

The individual to acquire the patient nomination must go through a series of stages such as: identification of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and result. In the same way, the patient has a series of rights such as: the right to be informed of his illness and possible treatments for its cure, to choose the doctor and the entire team, to receive effective medical care and dignified treatment by the doctors. and auxiliaries.

See also Diagnosis.

The word patient can be observed in different contexts due to the existence of different types of patients. The critically ill patient is characterized because his vital signs are not stable and death is a possible and imminent outcome, in turn, the palliative patient indicates that he is in palliative care in order to seek improvement in patients who suffer from serious illnesses, treatments are sometimes applied to cure or treat illnesses in conjunction with this care. Palliative care occurs in diseases such as: cancer, AIDS, heart disease, dementia, among others.

In addition to the above, the patient in a stuporous state identifies the individual who presents a decrease in alertness and mental agility, loss of mental acuity, changes in consciousness. The outpatient is the individual who goes to a health center in order to provide treatment for the improvement of the same without the need to be hospitalized or spend the entire night in the health center or hospital, in turn, the patient interned or hospitalized is one who must spend the whole night or a few days in the hospital due to the delicate state of health for the provision of certain treatments and, if necessary, perform a surgical operation.

Patient zero indicates the first confirmed person of a new virus or epidemic, it can be deduced that he was the first infected and because he has the virus in a purest form, a cure or antivirus can be found for the given infection. Likewise, an individual to be called a geriatric patient must meet certain characteristics such as: being older than 75 years, high risk of dependence, presence of accompanying or predominant mental pathology, presence of more than 3 geriatric symptoms, they are treated by a geriatrician who specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases in the elderly, can be seen at your residence or hospital.

Currently, the word patient is being replaced by user due to its relationship with the word patience. By virtue of this, the word patient can be used as an adjective to indicate a person who acts in a relaxed and tolerant way. The term patient is synonymous with benevolent, passive, that is why it identifies a person who has the ability to bear something or know how to wait, for example: a patient can wait patiently in the hospital to be treated by doctors or nurses.

In the area of ​​grammar, in a passive sentence patient is the one who receives the action performed by the complete agent, for example: those shoes were made by a famous designer, in this case, the patient is those shoes.

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