Meaning of Packaging

What is Packaging:

Packaging It is a word from English that we can translate into Spanish as packaging, packaging or also, from the marketing, as a presentation.

A) Yes, packaging refers both to the packaging in which a product is temporarily contained, as well as to the set of knowledge and techniques of marketing involved in the design and manufacture of packaging.

In this sense, the packaging It has basically two objectives: one functional and the other communicational. Namely:

  • Functional: it seeks to protect the product for its transport, storage, handling and sale.
  • Communicational: it is an important visual communication tool to offer the potential buyer practical information (expiration date, manufacturer data, product components, etc.), as well as to attract, attract, interest him in the brand and make him buy the product.

Types of packaging

  • Packaging primary: it is the one that has direct contact with the product, that wraps it and supports it.
  • Packaging secondary: it is the one that surrounds the previous one. It serves, for example, to group a set of units for sale or distribution.
  • Packaging tertiary: it is the one that surrounds the secondary packaging and that, consequently, is made of especially resistant materials. It is used for the massive handling of products.

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