Meaning of Discussion Board

What is a Discussion Panel:

The discussion panel is an expository communicative situation in which a topic of general or controversial interest is approached by a group of specialists, to be publicly debated.

The panel discussion is made up of three essential elements: the panelists, the moderator, and the audience.

The panelists (usually between three and five) are specialists or authorities in the field or in some of its specific aspects. They come to contribute from their different disciplines of knowledge or their positions, different points of view on the subject.

The moderator, on the other hand, is the person in charge of coordinating the discussion panel, controlling the time, giving the floor, introducing the panelists, keeping the discussion active, asking questions and managing the interventions of the public.

And the audience, finally, is the viewer of the panel discussion. Although you cannot participate directly, you can ask questions or contribute to the discussion.

The panel discussion is developed as a kind of dialogue or conversation in which each of the experts intervenes and gives their opinion and complements or contradicts their fellow panelists on each of the aspects of the topic.

In this sense, the discussion panel must be carried out in a coherent, rational and objective way, with spontaneity and fluency, to avoid dispersions or very personal evaluations.

At the end of panel discussions, on the other hand, it is common for the public to intervene, ask questions, or comment on the topic.

The fundamental objective of the panel discussion is that the public or audience can expand, deepen or update their knowledge on a topic of particular interest.

The discussion panels are interesting and enriching debate dynamics, very common in congresses, symposia or meetings of an academic or scientific nature.

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