Meaning of Papa

What is a Pope:

Pope is the name given to the Supreme Pontiff or highest authority in the Roman Catholic Church, bishop of the Diocese of Rome and Head of State of the Vatican City.

"Papa" or "papa" is also a colloquial and affective term to refer to a father, usually used by children.

It comes from Latin potato, which in turn derives from the Greek πάππας (pappas, meaning "papa" or "father").

"Potato" also means "potato" (the plant and the tuber), in this case derived from Quechua, used in Latin America and some areas of Spain.

With the same origin and used colloquially, in Argentina and Uruguay a potato can also be a tomato, torn or a hole in a knitted garment such as a sock or an easy task to do and even in Uruguay it can mean "pretty woman". In El Salvador a "potato" means "money" and in Mexico it can also mean "lie" in a colloquial way.

With Latin origin daddies ("children's food), plural," potatoes "are soups, clay or other material with a very soft texture. Colloquially, it can refer to any type of food and in the singular or plural it can also mean" nonsense "or "paparrucha".

Pope emeritus

Emeritus Pope is the title that a Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church receives when he resigns from the papal ministry of his own free will. He also received the title of Roman Pontiff Emeritus and Bishop Emeritus of Rome.

This is the case of Benedict XVI (secular name Joseph Ratzinger), who resigned leaving the papal see vacant on February 28, 2013, having exercised the papal ministry for almost 8 years.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the name given in some countries to the character of Santa Claus, Santa, San Nicolás, Viejito Pascuero or Colacho.

Although the origin of the name "Santa Claus" is in the Saint Nicholas, whose name was translated into Dutch as Sinterklaas, the name Santa Claus comes from the French Père Noël, which means Father or Dad Christmas.

From the name of Père Noël Only the first part was translated into Spanish, resulting in Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

"Potato frita" in Argentina

The term "potato chip" or "papafrita" is used colloquially in Argentina and means "fool", "fool" or "stupid", used in a way that is not very offensive. It was used especially during the second half of the 20th century. It is a derivation of the word "papanatas".

"To be more papist than the Pope"

This expression means defending an idea or worrying about a matter more than the person affected or interested. It refers to a dogmatic, excessively rigid or radical and exaggerated behavior or attitude.

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