Meaning of Couple

What is Pareja:

A couple is the set formed by two people, animals or things that have some relationship with each other. The word, as such, comes from Latin paricÅ­lus, diminutive of pair, Paris, which means 'equal'.

In this way, a couple can be the union of two people who share a love relationship, which can be more or less formal, such as courtship, common-law or common-law partnership, and marriage. For example: "Alejandra and Paulo form a beautiful couple."

In this sense, a couple can also be the name to refer to one of the components of the couple in relation to the other: "Lucia has been my partner for a year."

In a more general sense, a couple can refer to a person who accompanies another in a project or activity: "My work partner is ill and could not come."

Thus, a couple can perform on an artistic level, such as a duo of dancers or singers, or sporting, such as tennis players who play doubles.

Domestic partner

As a de facto couple, it is called the free, public and stable union of two people who live together as a married couple, without being one, regardless of their sexual orientation. The de facto couple is characterized by being an affective relationship comparable to marriage. Depending on the legislation of each country, a common-law couple may or may not be legally equivalent to marriage.

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