Meaning of Clown

What is Clown:

The clown is a comical character who is characterized by wearing flashy clothing, extravagant makeup, and doing or saying funny things to amuse the public. The word, as such, comes from the Italian pagliaccio.

The function of the clown is to make people laugh through his jokes, tricks or pirouettes. To do this, he uses skills and techniques of acting, magic, music, dance, juggling, acrobatics, mimicry, among other things. His great capacity for improvisation is particularly noteworthy.

He is a character who usually wears extravagant clothes and bright colors with very large shoes. Her makeup consists, fundamentally, of painting her face in white, wearing a false nose and very striking wigs. However, all these elements will depend on the type of clown represented.

In their numbers, clowns are always getting into trouble, creating entanglements or making mistakes to move the audience to laughter and awaken their sympathy and complicity.

Today clowns are common in the most diverse settings, from the circus and television, to hospitals and children's parties.

Similarly, he has emerged as a horror or evil character in film, literature, and television. In fact, there is also claurophobia or phobia of clowns, which consists of an irrational fear of these characters.

As a clown we can also refer to a person who makes people laugh with their sayings, gestures or occurrences. For example: "Pedro was the class clown." It can also be used in a pejorative sense: "We are governed by a party of clowns."

Types of clown

There are different types of clowns, classified according to their origin and the role they play on stage.

  • The clown, also known as white clown, white-faced, pierrot, floured or ready, is a clown who usually dresses elegantly and always uses white makeup. It represents order, the adult world.
  • The august, is extravagant, mischievous, absurd, clumsy, surprising and provocative. Represents freedom and disorder, the world of children. He dresses in any way, and always wears a red nose and big shoes.
  • The contraugusto, second augusto or thrombus. He is skilled with musical instruments.
  • The eccentric, dignified and intelligent, is an evolution of the August character. He stands out for the ingenuity with which he faces difficulties.
  • The tramp is a lonely, silent August clown dressed as a social outcast.
  • Mesié Loyal, is the authority who exercises as director and presenter of the track.
  • The mime, variety of the clown that is mute. He appears alone and plays with the objects around him. Their physical and musical abilities stand out.


The clownfish is an underwater species, native to the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is characterized by the intense and contrasting colors of its skin, such as red, red, yellow, orange or white. They are highly valued fish in aquariums for their beauty and easy maintenance.

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