Meaning of Pebetero

What is Pebetero:

A cauldron can be a container used to burn aromatic substances, or a type of container used to burn a ceremonial flame, such as that of the Olympic Games.

The word, as such, derives from potpourri, which in turn comes from Catalan pevet, which means "little foot" or "little foot", and that would refer to the support of the cauldron itself.

Incense burners, also known by the synonym incense burner, are used to burn sticks, scented candles, perfumes, incenses, etc. They are similar to a lamp, and usually have a perforated cover. They are used mainly to perfume environments.

Also, cauldron also refers to a container used for ceremonial purposes, whose use dates back to the times of the Egyptians and the Phoenicians, through the ancient Greeks and the Romans. Its burning flame symbolizes spiritual enlightenment.

In the Olympic Games a cauldron is used that burns continuously from the beginning of the sporting event to the end.

See also Olympic Games.

Olympic cauldron

The Olympic cauldron is the place where the flame of the Olympic Games burns in a prominent place in the Olympic stadium of the host city during the celebration of the sporting event.

It is lit with fire brought in the Olympic torch directly from Olympia, the city where the ancient Olympic Games were held in Greece. The route of the fire from there to the host city is carried out by means of relays, until the final lighting in the Olympic cauldron.

Thus, the lighting of the cauldron is a tradition of the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and is usually done with a great show. The cauldron, as such, remains burning until the end of the event, as a symbol of the Olympic spirit.

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