Slope Meaning

What is Pending:

Slope can refer to something that hangs, that hangs, that is suspended. You can also designate something that is inclined, the slope or slope of a terrain, a plane or an axis.

The word, as such, comes from the old active participle of hang, which in turn derives from the Latin pendens, pendentis.

On the other hand, pending can also refer to an issue or thing that is about to be resolved or finished: "The signatures of the authorities are still pending."

Pending can also refer to the fact of being attentive or concerned in relation to something, in expectation of its results: "We were all waiting for you, what happened?"

Finally, an earring is also an earring, earring or hoop, which may or may not have ornaments and which are made of different materials and shapes. As such, it is used to adorn the body. The place where it is most commonly worn is on the ears.

Slope in Geometry

In Geometry, it is the measure of the inclination of a line or a plane.

Slope of a line

The slope of a line is the degree of inclination that is recorded in a line, represented in mathematical operations with the letter m. Thus, the slope of a line would be the difference on the Y axis divided by the difference on the X axis for two different points on a line.

Upward sloping

The slope of a line is positive when the line is increasing, that is, when the values ​​on the X and Y axes increase. Its analytical expression would be m > 0.

Negative slope

The slope of a line is negative when the line is decreasing, that is, when the values ​​in X increase and those in Y decrease. Its analytical expression is m < 0.

Slope in Topography

The slope is called the degree of inclination of a terrain in relation to the horizontal of a slope. In this sense, the steeper the incline, the greater the slope.

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