Meaning of Thought

What is Thought:

Thought is the faculty, action and effect of thinking. A thought is also an idea or mental representation about something or someone. It is also understood as the ability to build ideas and concepts and to establish relationships between them.

This term also refers to a general idea or set of ideas of a person, group of person, of a work or speech.

It is also used to refer to an imaginary space in the mind where ideas are created and stored.

A thought is also a purpose or intention to do something.

In botany, a pansy is the name of a herbaceous plant of the Violaceae family. The flower of this plant, with three colors and four petals, also receives the same name.

See also Cognition.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a mental process in which different cognitive capacities are used to analyze, develop, elaborate and validate ideas and reasoning.

It assumes an elaborate thinking model, characterized by the internalization of the structures of thought and the use of different elements such as scientific knowledge and various hypotheses.

Critical thinking differs from standardized or accepted approaches without having been validated by mental reasoning processes.

Mathematical Thinking

Mathematical thinking is the ability to reason from a logical point of view and is limited to the area of ​​mathematics. In many cases it is called logical-mathematical thinking. It requires mental processes such as abstraction and reflection.

The development of capacities such as intuition, observation, logical reasoning and imagination favor this type of thinking.

See also Mathematical thinking.

Convergent and divergent thinking

Convergent thinking and divergent thinking are two types of productive thinking or cognitive processes.

Convergent or vertical thinking

It is a type of cognitive process and the ability to respond to a stimulus or problem by giving a specific response. This type of cognitive process moves in one direction.

It is also understood as a type of logical and rational thinking. It is usually identified with the left hemisphere of the brain.

Divergent or lateral thinking

It is a type of cognitive process and the ability to respond to a stimulus or problem by giving responses in various directions, forming new and multiple ideas far from conventional patterns.

Use creative strategies and develop criteria of originality, creativity and flexibility. It is usually identified with the right hemisphere of the brain.

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