Meaning of Convergent Thinking

What is Convergent Thinking:

Convergent thinking is one that finds a logical solution to face problems of a scientific nature.

Convergent thinking is one of the productive thoughts that the psychologist Paul Guilford (1897-1987) defined along with divergent thinking in his psychometric study of human intelligence.

According to Paul Guilford, convergent thinking is that which occurs in the left hemisphere of the brain, which is characterized by being in charge of functions related to language, logic and abstract thinking.

Convergent thinking is later defined by the creativity psychologist Edward de Bono (1933-) as vertical thinking or logical thinking. This type of thinking is considered traditional and uses previous knowledge and experiences to solve problems.

An example of convergent thinking would be using the Pythagorean Theorem (the sum of the squared sides equals the hypotenuse squared) to calculate the size of glass needed for a rectangular window frame.

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Convergent and divergent thinking

Convergent and divergent thinking are the two kinds of thoughts that we generate when finding a solution to a problem. Convergent thinking is characterized by the use of reason, logic and experience, on the other hand, divergent thinking is what encourages a different and creative way of thinking, especially useful for finding solutions to new problems.

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