Meaning of critical thinking

What is critical thinking:

Critical thinking is a cognitive process of a rational, reflective and analytical nature, oriented towards the systematic questioning of reality and the world as a means of accessing the truth.

As such, critical thinking is an intellectual and reflective process, which operates through the careful examination, evaluation and analysis of a topic, issue or matter so that, after considering and contrasting the results of its observations, apply, under logical criteria, a series of reasoning and reach a valid conclusion, an objective position, that is: reasonable.

In this sense, critical thinking is fundamentally rational, not fortuitous or accidental, and uses reason as the main effective tool for its purpose: to identify what is ethically fair, correct and true.

To do this, it also requires other essential tools, such as knowledge, information, observation and experience. All this, intelligently articulated, is essential to develop good critical thinking, with clarity of thought, focus on what is relevant, and the ability to ask or formulate the pertinent questions.

Critical thinking endows the individual with a series of skills that are expressed through the ability to reflect and reason efficiently, make value judgments; analyze, synthesize and evaluate information; and make decisions and solve problems in critical or extreme situations. In this sense, it is also focused on action, on the ability to evaluate and decide what to do at a given time.

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