Meaning of positive thinking

What is positive thinking:

Positive thinking is seeing things that happen from a more joyful, enriching and optimistic perspective.

Positive thinking is one that dissolves negativism, that is, rejection and opposition to everything that happens around you. Positive thinking is related to being positive that fits the analogy of seeing the glass of water half full instead of the glass half empty.

In psychology, positive thinking is considered a tool to combat day-to-day stress and frustrations that also helps to considerably improve the health of the person.

Having positive thoughts does not mean avoiding problems or ignoring what is going on around us. According to experts, our positive or negative personality has to do with the conversations that each one of us holds in private in our heads. Positive thinking is nurtured when facing a situation it is about not thinking about the worst but about the best while maintaining a positive attitude.

Positive thinking does not imply a lack of critical thinking. The logic and reason used to conclude a personal situation can be used to travel less depressing paths since all thinking lies in subjective logic and reasoning, especially regarding our own lives.

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