Meaning of systemic thinking

What is Systems Thinking:

Systems thinking is a mode of analysis that assesses all the interrelated parts that in turn make up a situation to achieve greater awareness of the events and why.

Through systems thinking, all parts of a whole are studied. It is a type of thinking that is usually applied in scientific studies, engineering and business administration, among others, as a method by which a problem or situation can be solved.

Systems thinking is made up of a set of tools that allow you to structure and understand what situations are, from the most complex to the simplest, and thus define the best way to respond or solve a problem. It is a way of putting into practice the cognitive abilities of individuals.

The origin of the term and the methodology of systems thinking is still recent, the first researcher to name it was the biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Later, he was followed by other researchers from various areas such as psychiatry, philosophy and engineering, who were developing and deepening the term, its applications and results.

The philosopher Edgar Morin proposed to bring systems thinking towards complex thinking, since it is characterized by being organized and developing skills that can address various philosophical, scientific and social problems.

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