Meaning of Forgiveness

What is Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is the action and the result of forgiving. One can forgive, among other things, an offense (for example, an insult), a penalty (life imprisonment, house arrest ...), a debt (for example, financial). It is also the indulgence or remission of sins.

The word "sorry" also has other meanings and is used in various contexts to express apology in general ("Sorry, I hadn't noticed"), for example when a speech is interrupted ("Sorry, do you know what time it is?" ).

It is also used as an apology to apologize in a conversation to something that is said inappropriately ("I've seen that guy on the street, sorry, your boyfriend"). In some cases the formula "with forgiveness" is used.

Some synonyms are: pardon, amnesty, condonation, absolution, grace and clemency. Sometimes it is also used in the plural in this way: "a thousand pardons", to express apology. Also, in the plural, gifts that are brought from a pilgrimage are called "pardons". In colloquial language, "sorry" is also a drop of oil or wax that falls on fire.

The value of forgiveness

Forgiveness is often considered a human value. Forgiveness can serve on the one hand, the offender to free himself from guilt and on the other hand, to free the offended from possible feelings of resentment. Forgiveness does not always mean that the offender does not have to make up for his mistake in some other way.

The fact of knowing how to forgive is usually valued, but also knowing how to ask for forgiveness, because it implies in some way, recognizing the guilt and the damage committed to the other person. In Psychology, both actions are considered human capacities, which also tend to have positive therapeutic effects.

Many religions treat elements such as forgiveness, repentance, and sacrifice in their doctrine. Forgiveness is discussed in holy books, prayers, and prayers. Forgiveness is usually represented through different rituals.

In Christianity, for example, the Sacrament of Reconciliation or Penance is also known as the Sacrament of Forgiveness. In Judaism, Yom Kippur is the Day of Repentance or the day of Atonement.

Ask for forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness is equivalent to apologizing. It is a generic concept since it can be applied to different contexts. You can ask for forgiveness from a person, a group or institution or a divinity.

Asking for forgiveness is usually associated with humility for acknowledging that a mistake has been made and also usually shows that the person shows the intention to rectify or compensate, in some way, for that mistake. Some simple expressions used to ask for forgiveness are: "I'm sorry", "excuse me", "I beg your pardon", "excuse me", "forgive me" or simply, "sorry".

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