Meaning of Performance

What is Performance:

Performance It is a word of English origin that means acting, accomplishment, representation, interpretation, fact, achievement or performance.

The word performance comes from the english verb to perform which means to perform, complete, execute or effect.

The art of performance Also known as action art, it involves the staging of scenic elements that can include resources such as improvisation and interaction.

As a feminine noun, the performance is the result, achievement or performance obtained from a certain test, career, research or project, for example, “Not much was expected from the team, but after a performance fantastic, they managed to win the game.

Performance in art

Performance, performance art or artistic action is a form of artistic expression that involves a staging and that can include various disciplines such as music, poetry, video or theater.

The performance appears as a type of performing arts around the 1960s. In this sense, it includes the key elements of the performing arts which are performance, the stage and the spectator.

A performance It can also be considered as part of the visual arts if the aesthetic values ​​that are framed in the visual stimulus are the protagonists of the work.

The visual arts encompass all those essentially visual artistic expressions expressed in the form of painting, sculpture, architecture, cinema, photography and in expressions of contemporary art, in which the performance.

Many performance they use the resource of improvisation. The absence of fixed scripts and the provocation of the artists who create a natural interaction with the other members and with the public create a spontaneity that characterizes many of this type of artistic expression, attracting new followers.

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