Meaning of Physical Person

What is a natural person:

A natural or natural person is, according to the law, an individual with a real and material existence, who has the capacity to exercise their rights and contract obligations within the framework of the law and the constitution.

In this sense, that of natural person is a legal concept, originally elaborated in Roman law. It refers to a human individual, with a real and concrete existence.

A human being, by the simple fact of being born and existing, is endowed with a set of attributes given by law, which, in turn, end with his death. Being alive, then, is enough to be protected by law in a state of law.

The attributes that characterize a natural person are the following: legal personality, capacity, name, domicile, marital status, assets and nationality.

A natural or natural person is authorized to offer professional services, carry out activities of a commercial nature, rent or own real estate, work for a salary, get married, etc.

Likewise, a natural person can act in their own name or can do so on behalf of another natural person or a legal or legal person.

Natural person and legal person

From the point of view of law, the concepts of natural person and legal person are not the same. A natural person is an individual of real and material existence, endowed with a set of rights and with the capacity to contract obligations.

The moral or legal person, on the other hand, is all that independent entity, of merely legal existence, that is constituted by groups or organizations of people, and established by means of a public deed where the norms that define it and the rights and obligations are set. that has. They are legal persons, for example, associations, corporations, partnerships and foundations.

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