Meaning of Toxic Person

What is Toxic Person:

A toxic person refers to someone who directly and negatively affects those closest to him due to, among other aspects, his egocentric and narcissistic personality.

A toxic person has typical egocentric patterns, such as being unsympathetic to what others think. In addition, he adopts a narcissistic personality by belittling the ideas of others.

In any type of relationship, be it a partner, friends, family or co-workers, the toxic person will contaminate those around him with negativity and low self-esteem due to his egocentricity and narcissism.

Toxic people are often toxic partners too. Toxic couples dominate the love relationship, they are always right and they absorb each other's life completely.

There are also passive toxic people, who hide their patterns with compliments or apologies. For example, the person may extol the creative qualities of his friend and, at the same time, consider that her aspirations for a certain job are unrealistic.

Characteristics of a toxic person

The primary characteristic of toxic people is their ability to disable the growth of those who are closest to them. This is because they are always self-centered and unable to help others.

They tend to be the center of attention, as they need constant validation. In addition, they tend to complain, attract conflicts and blame others for the bad things that happen to them. They also always have amazing stories to tell.

Above all, they believe that their opinion is the most important, they dominate the conversation and they belittle or give little importance to those who do not consider that they are up to them. On the other hand, they are charismatic and charming with people who can be of use to them because of their knowledge or status.

Toxic people are often self-centered and narcissistic. Egocentric refers to the inability to have oneself as a reference. In psychology, self-centeredness is usually a trait of a childish mind that, without ill intentions, believes that what they think is what others think.

The narcissistic characteristic can become a disorder and refers to how they prioritize their ideas and motivations over others, belittling those who are not useful to them.

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