Meaning of Insight

What is Insight:

Insight is the acuity, sagacity and insight that a person develops to understand or interpret complex issues or situations. The word, as such, comes from Latin insight.

A person with insight is capable of noticing things that are not so obvious to others; can see clearly and quickly in situations that others would classify as confusing; they can reason acutely about a matter that might be difficult for others.

Insight develops over time, with experience, and with intuition. The insightful person is able to notice certain things because he has already seen them, and knows how to recognize their signals and decipher the appropriate way to act in certain situations.

You are insightful when someone else's intentions are guessed without expressly revealing them. In this sense, insight helps us see beyond appearances.

We are also discerning when in a business meeting we are able to recognize which matters are appropriate to address there and which are preferable to discuss in private.

Likewise, we are insightful when we can assertively express an idea, an opinion or a thought before our interlocutor, because an insightful person is capable of seeing, understanding and expressing things as they really are.

Synonyms for insight are sharpness, subtlety, insight, sagacity, or vivacity. Antonyms for insight are clumsiness, foolishness, or stupidity.

In English, insight can be translated as perspicacity. For instance: "I admire his intelligence and perspicacity”(I admire his intelligence and insight).

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