Meaning of Persuade

What is Persuade:

To persuade is to induce or convince a person to believe or do something, for example my friends persuaded me to create the company. The word persuade is of Latin origin "persuasive”.

The term persuasive is used as an adjective to indicate the individual who possesses the gifts or ability to persuade.

Persuasion is the judgment that is formed through a foundation. Persuasion is the ability or ability that someone has to change the attitude or behavior of a person or group of people towards an idea, object or person through the use of words, feelings or reasoning.

Persuasion is an important technique or tool that is present in different contexts such as advertising persuasion aims to convince the recipient through rational reasoning and stimulate the purchase of the product, persuasion in the sale of products and services by the merchant or seller. You must convince the buyer that the product you are marketing is what you need to make your life easier, persuasion in politics politicians seek to convince the people that their proposals are the most appropriate or convenient.

In reference to the above, persuasion is different from coercion or imposition, since persuasion is convincing a person through reflections or arguments and the persuaded person will act without fear of an aggressive or offensive reaction, instead, coercion or imposition he achieves his goal through force.

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