Meaning of Pesa

What is Pesa:

As a weight, it is understood to be the piece of metal of weight that allows to determine the value or what a thing weighs, since it allows the balance to be balanced. In this sense, and for a better understanding, the material to be weighed is placed on one plate of the scale, and the weights are placed on the other to ensure that both arms are at the same level, and thus balance the scale.

Weight, in the sports field, is defined as a metal bar that at its ends has weights or what is the same heavy pieces in the form of discs, this is used to perform muscle exercises and weightlifting, in order to tone and strengthen muscles, reactivate metabolism, improve balance, among many other benefits.

In consideration of the above, a dumbbell can also be called a dumbbell, which consists of a small metal bar with weight at its ends to perform gymnastic exercises with one hand. "That man works out for his weightlifting competition."

Also, in sport the kettlebell is used, with an appearance similar to a cannonball or cast iron. As stated previously, the kettlebell also helps increase strength, agility, endurance, and balance.

On the other hand, dumbbell is a piece of weight that is hung on the end of a rope or chain to operate clocks or lower and raise heavy objects. For example: some elevators.

The synonyms for weight are: counterweight, weight, lead, balance, iron, etc.

In English, the word pesa translates as weight. For instance: "Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer that won twelve world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes"

Types of weights

Roman weight

The Roman weight consists of a lever with two arms of different lengths, on one side the object to be weighed is placed, and the other long contains a pylon or counterweight whose function is to achieve balance, and thus achieve the weight on the scale.

Digital weight

The digital weight, also known as electronic, uses a sensor to report the weight of a certain merchandise. With technological evolution, these weights send electrical signals relative to weight, which are then digitized and decoded by a processor.

Laboratory weights

The laboratory weights are used for quality control, and to prepare the mixtures with the predefined quantities and thus determine the specific weights. There are two groups of laboratory weights: mechanical (spring, analytical, top plate, etc.) and electronic.

Special Food Security Program (PESA)

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, known as FAO, in 1994 created the Special Food Security Program (PESA), to help low-income and food-deficit countries, and in this way reduce the food crisis and malnutrition by increasing the productivity of small farmers by introducing simple and inexpensive technology. The creation of this program focused on agriculture, food, to contribute to the development of the poorest communities in Mexico, and thus improve living conditions.

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