Meaning of Phishing

What is Phishing:

Phishing refers to the collection of personal data carried out in an illegal or fraudulent way through the internet. It is an English word that originates from its homophone “fishing”, Which means‘ fishing ’, alluding to the objective of the phishing: fish data, see "who bites the bait". The phishing is executed by a phisher or "fisherman".

The phishing is a social engineering technique that uses mass email sending spam on behalf of a bank, in order to obtain personal and financial data (mainly those associated with access codes), or to redirect users to a false website of the entity where they have to deposit their data.

As characteristic features, the emails of phishing They usually request the user, as a matter of urgency, to confirm or send certain data under the guise of technical problems, changes in the security policy, detection of possible fraud, promotions or contests. It can even incorporate the coercive formula that if the user does not perform the requested action immediately, his card or account may be blocked.

The purpose of the phishing is to use the information collected to make online purchases, bank transfers or cash withdrawals on behalf of the fraud victim.

Currently, there are companies that have developed antiphishing software which basically offers more reliable mail filters spam and they alert about any irregularity.

As such, the phishing It is computer fraud and is stipulated as a crime of identity theft. Some Latin American countries, such as Argentina, are already advancing in the creation of bills to typify the phishing and penalize it.

Phishing and pharming

The phishing can use the pharming, which consists of redirecting the domain user from a trusted website to an identical fake one, from where they steal their personal and financial information.

Spear phishing

The spear phishing (which literally translates to "spearfishing") is a more effective variant of phishing where the phishers They have managed to determine, after sending the email, which are the users who are related to a certain financial institution. This greatly increases the margin of success in fraud.


The smishing or SMiShing is a variant of phishing which consists of the use of SMS instant messaging (hence its initials in the name) on mobile telephony, using the identity of a banking institution or trusted person, to capture personal or financial information.

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