Meaning of Pyramid

What is Pyramid:

The word pyramid refers to a figure or object that has a polygon-shaped base, whose lateral faces are triangular in shape and meet at the same vertex.

This term is used mainly in two important areas, in geometry and architecture.

Pyramid is a word that originated in Ancient Greece and comes from Latin pyramis, which after various studies, researchers have determined that it was used to identify a food preparation based on wheat flour, which was shaped like a pyramid.

Pyramid in geometry

In the area of ​​geometry, the geometric body that is composed of a polygon-shaped base is identified as a pyramid, whose lateral sides have the shape of a triangle that join at a common point to form a vertex.

There are different shapes of pyramids depending on the number of sides that their base has. For example, triangular (three sides), quadrangular (four sides), pentagonal (five sides), or hexagonal (6 sides).

Types of pyramids

Pyramids can be distinguished into different types according to their dimensions and geometric structure, among them are:

Regular pyramid: its base is a regular polygon, composed of equal lateral faces in the form of isosceles triangles and whose height is called the apothem.

Irregular pyramid: The base of this pyramid is an irregular polygon.

Convex pyramid: it is a pyramid whose base is a convex polygon.

Concave Pyramid: The base of the pyramid is a concave polygon.

Right pyramid: The faces of this pyramid are isosceles triangles and its height points just in the middle of its base.

Oblique pyramid: it is a pyramid that is characterized because one of its sides is not an isosceles triangle.

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Pyramid in architecture

In the field of architecture, when a pyramid is referred to, it is because it is identifying a type of construction whose structure is composed of a quadrangular base whose faces are triangular and meet at the same vertex.

The faces of the pyramids can be staggered or not, these variations are found among the various ancient pyramids built throughout the history of man.

In ancient times the pyramids were built in order to be a monument, to pay homage to a god or to be a tomb.

The pyramid of Giza located in Egypt and, one of the oldest that exists, is estimated to have been built in the year 2570 BC, it is also classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World that is still standing.

In Mexico and Central America there are also the Mayan pyramids, which are one of the most important legacies of this culture in Latin America. In Mexico you can visit the Pyramid of the Sun and in Guatemala the Tikal pyramid, among others.

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Other uses of the word pyramid

The pyramid is also a figure used to graphically organize different processes of social, economic, political, health and even cultural studies, which need to present their results with representative and easy-to-understand structures.

Some examples can be pyramids that expose a type of social organization, economic structures, importance of food, among others.

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