Meaning of Placebo

What is Placebo:

As a placebo, a certain inert substance is known that lacks therapeutic action but that, nevertheless, produces favorable effects in the patient, especially if he receives it convinced that said substance has such action.

The word comes from Latin placebo, which means "I will please", as it is the first person singular future indicative of the verb pleasure, which means "to please".

From the scientific point of view of pharmacology and medicine, the placebo substance is inert, that is, it has no effect on the body. In fact, placebos medications are usually made up of harmless sugar (pills) or serum. In medicine, placebos are often used as a control in clinical trials.

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In certain people, placebos can have positive effects, this due to psychological factors that intervene, above all, the conviction of the individual that the drug in question will be beneficial for their ailment. This effect is known as the parapsychological effect.

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