Planning Meaning

What is Planning:

Planning is the process and effect of organizing with method and structure the objectives set in a time and space.

Planning can occur in areas of life, such as family planning which refers, in a general sense, to contraceptive methods that will help decide when the person wants to have children.

Planning is a conscious and responsible elaboration of any type of project. In the field of research, construction, administration and management, planning a project is a fundamental requirement to carry out the project successfully.

In administration, planning or also called planning, is a strategic tool to define the specific and general objectives, the schedule, the expected results, the implementation of what is planned until the general objective is reached.

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Family planning

Family planning refers to contraceptive methods. This term is used because it helps to plan the time, number and intervals of desired pregnancies.

Some of the family planning methods are: condoms, calendar method, birth control pills, diaphragms, and intrauterine devices.

Planning in administration

In business administration, planning is a dynamic and strategic tool for managers that defines the general and specific objectives that are sought to be achieved in a certain period of time.

Planning is the first stage of the administrative process known as PODP for Planning, Organization, Direction and Control.

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In the planning phase, what should be done is determined, for example, the schedule of steps and actions is defined as well as the roles of the members of the work team.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is a tool used by senior managers of companies to meet the goals proposed in business plans.

The phases of strategic planning are as follows:

  • Identification of the general objective or problem.
  • Development of strategies, specific objectives and alternative solutions.
  • Programming and development of schedules.
  • Identification of those responsible for each area, objective or action.
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