Plant Meaning

What is Plant:

A plant can be a plant organism, an industrial facility, a part of the body, a picture of a person or a drawing of the horizontal section of a building or each of its floors or levels, among other things.

Likewise, a plant can refer to a system that generates electricity (nuclear, emergency), a wastewater treatment system, or a water treatment plant.

A plant can also be an industrial facility for the manufacture or elaboration of products or services. For example: "The workers entered the plant at six in the morning."

In the same way, as a plant the part of the body that is in the lower part of the foot is also known: "By walking barefoot, a glass was nailed in the sole of the foot."

Plant, on the other hand, is also a way of calling someone's presence or physical appearance: “Rita has a very good plant; He went out to his mother ”.

Plant in biology

A plant is a living organism that is characterized by being autotrophic, photosynthetic and lacking locomotive capacity, as well as having cells that have a wall composed of cellulose. From the point of view of its taxonomic classification, it belongs to the kingdom Plantae.

Plants are very important for humans and for life on the planet in general. They are, for example, responsible for the composition of the gases in the atmosphere, as well as the main source of food for many living organisms.

In the same way, the human being uses plants in the most diverse ways: as food, for construction, for the elaboration of medicines, for their aromatic properties, for their ornamental beauty or for superstition (plant of abundance, of good luck, etc.).

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