Meaning of Poverty

What is Poverty:

Poverty is synonymous with need, misery and scarcity, and is derived from the adjective "poor", and this in turn from Latin pauper, pauper─ôris, which means 'poor', 'that produces little'.

Those who lack the basic necessary resources for sustenance and development of life are in a state of poverty. Also known as a vow of poverty is the public and voluntary promise of religious to give up everything they possess and everything that self-love may consider necessary. Likewise, poverty is recognized as a lack of courage, light, ideas, virtue, courage or energy.

In socioeconomic terms, the situation of poverty is usually determined from the consideration of a series of factors, mainly the level of income, which define the possibility of covering basic needs such as food, housing, access to goods and services, education and health. A person with all these aspects satisfied would be located above the well-being line, that is, out of a situation of poverty.

At the international level, the parameters for measuring poverty are established by organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, or the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). However, within each country there are institutions in charge of evaluating poverty levels and preparing plans to combat it. An example of this would be the National Evaluation Council (Coneval) in Mexico.

Poverty is generally more accentuated in underdeveloped countries.

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