Meaning of Pokémon

What is Pokémon:

Pokémon is an RPG video game (from the English role-playing game, translated into Spanish as “role-playing games”) that was released for the first time in 1996 for the Game Boy game console, created by Japanese designer Satoshi Tajiri for Nintendo.

The video game RPG Pokémon consists of impersonating the role of a trainer of Pokémon creatures. Pokémon creatures are monsters found in the Pokémon world (a mix between Earth and a cartoon version of it) that must be captured by trainers to enhance their powers and characteristics.

The objective of the game is to become a Pokémon master by capturing, training and assisting the evolutions and megaevolutions of each creature of the Pokémon generations that exist in order to complete the Pokédex (codex of the Pokémon). There are currently 721 different Pokémon.

The word Pokémon derives from the acronym of the Japanese concept Poketto Monsuta, which means "pocket monster." Today there are six generations of these monsters, the first and best known being the Charizard of red Pokémon; Venusaur, from Pokémon green, and Pikachu, from Pokémon yellow.

Due to its initial success, Pokémon has become:

  • a series of video games that accompanied the releases of each new version of Nintendo video consoles,
  • in an anime series released in 1997 of 15 seasons and 15 films,
  • in 38 manga volumes with a total of 430 chapters,
  • in a trading and collectible card game (trading cards game)
  • in marketing and promotion products.

See also Anime.

The latest phenomenon is the launch of Pokémon GO whose appeal lies in the integration of this classic adventure game in an augmented reality where trainers look for pokémon in the real world. The game is free to download and its launch in Latin America is expected in 2016.

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