Meaning of Polyglot

What is Polyglot:

Polyglot refers to something or someone who is fluent in more than three languages.

A polyglot is multilingual, multilingual or multilingual, that is, something written in multiple languages ​​or someone who is able to understand and speak several languages, who can even study them thoroughly.

Polyglot or polyglot is someone who is fluent in more than three languages ​​or languages. In this context, bilingual is the person who dominates two languages ​​and trilingual is the person who dominates three languages.

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The term polyglot or polyglot comes from Latin polyglottus. This term derives from the Greek πολύγλωττος (polýglottos), composed of the words πολύς (polys), which means “many”, and γλώσσα or γλώττα (glṓssa or glṓtta), which means "tongue."

Being a polyglot is a highly valued job skill. Polyglots have great potential for their international expansion, especially if the company is transnational, since it facilitates direct contact with people who speak another language without the need for a translator, resulting in savings and added value for the company that hires them. .

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The languages ​​that are best considered in a polyglot are not restricted only to Spanish and English, but knowledge of German, Chinese, French and Portuguese is also valued.

One of the most famous polyglots is the Englishman John Bowring (1792-1892), who spoke more than 100 languages ​​serving as the 4th governor of Hong Kong.

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