Meaning of For the silver the monkey dances

What is For silver the monkey dances:

"Monkey dances for silver" is a sarcastic phrase that criticizes the power of money over the integrity of a person. For the silver the monkey dances It is a meringue composed by the Dominican Wilfrido Vargas (Altamira, April 24, 1949).

In Latin America, the adjective "mono" is used to refer to an immature person, without a will of his own and who is easily manipulated by fleeting pleasures.

In this sense, the human monkey does everything for money, in this case even dancing. The letter of For the silver the monkey dances openly criticizes corrupt officials who have large mansions, serious men or intellectuals who find themselves in scandals, men who use their money to be surrounded by women, people who are close to others because they have money, killings for money and disputes for inheritances.

The social criticism made by Wilfrido Vargas becomes a perfect sarcasm with the sticky rhythm of the merengue that he popularized internationally. With his music, he makes everyone dance like monkeys, as indicated in the lyrics.

The song Por la plata baila el mono was released in 1996 on the album “El vampiro”.

"For the silver dance the monkey" is translated into English as Money makes the monkey dance.

Wilfrido Vargas is known as the father of merengue, holder of the Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album of 1991 with his album “Animation”. Some of his best known songs are: Abusive from 1981, The african 1984 and Doggy dance 1989.

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