Why we dress up at Carnival

Carnival is the popular festival that takes place in the three days prior to Lent. It is an ancient festival, which probably dates back to the European Middle Ages, which consists of dressing up, doing parades, singing, comparsas, dances and indulging in all kinds of excesses.

Its origin may be found in Ancient Rome, where during the Saturnalia festivals there was a space of chaos, disorder and satire, similar to the Bacchanalia of the Greeks, where excesses were the order of the day.

The tradition of disguising or covering one's face at this time responds precisely to the need to maintain anonymity in order to put aside formalities and rules and indulge in ecstasy, in contrast to the later period of Lent, where it is practiced. abstinence.

Here are some of the reasons why we dress up at carnival.

To be other

We disguise ourselves to be others, to become, for a moment, the one or that which we most yearn for or reject. To make fun of others. To make fun of ourselves.

To have fun

Dressing up is also playing. We pretend to be the one that we would like to be or that not even in our worst nightmares would we dare to be. And playing is always a creative art, where we imagine what we would do if we were those we wanted to be.

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To socialize

There are no social limits in carnival. We can laugh and enjoy with everyone. The costume makes it possible that in a moment we can be dancing with the mayor of the city without realizing it. It is, therefore, a time to free ourselves from social norms and prejudices and enjoy the festive contact with the other.

To break the rules

The costume also makes it possible to play with our role: we are not tied to our personality, therefore we can play to be a ruthless king or a graceless jester, a sad clown or a cowardly superhero. In the Middle Ages, precisely the carnival allowed the common people and the aristocracy to mix.

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