Porche Meaning

What is Porche:

The porch is a structure that is part of a building and is characterized by being open to the side, closed at the back and covered by a roof at the top.

Generally, porches are located at the entrance of buildings or houses, before the hall. However, they can also be located in the lateral or interior areas such as gardens or patios and, be used as spaces for rest or stay.

However, you can also see porches in old buildings, for example in palaces or temples and in government or long-standing buildings or infrastructure.

Porches are spaces that allow air to enter constantly thanks to their construction style, which according to their design, can even prevent less dust or dirt from entering the internal spaces that follow.

Some synonyms that can refer to a porch are portico, shed, atrium or arcade.

Types of porch

There are different types of porch and innumerable architectural designs that make them unique, special and fulfill a function in each of the homes of which they are part.

Therefore, it is important that the porches maintain the same architectural style or design of the house or building of which they are part, even more so because they are part of the anteroom and the rest of the property.

There are many people who usually use the porch as a resting space, to take small snacks, hence the importance of how they should be built.

Porch with stairs: they are part of the houses or buildings that are raised on small columns or pillars and are characterized by having stairs with railing.

Enclosed porch: the enclosed porches are characterized by having sliding glass windows that do not affect the view of the surroundings. They tend to protect the entrances to houses when storms occur.

Front porch: they are located attached to the entrances of homes or buildings and function as a space where you can see the surrounding areas.

Back porch: they are located at the back of houses or buildings. They are characterized by being more private and having a view of the internal gardens.

Porch with columns: they are characterized by having high columns up to the ceiling, being open and resembling ancient Greek buildings.

Modern porch: these are porches that follow the new architectural trends and that do not preserve the traditional models of the older porches.

Attached porch: are the porches that are added to houses or buildings as an extension of the main structure and for the enjoyment of external spaces. They can be made of wood or aluminum.

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