Pragmatic meaning

What is Pragmatic:

Pragmatic is relative to the practice or performance of actions and not theory. Pragmatic is a term of Greek origin "pragmatikus " and Latin "pragmaticu ", which means to be "practical."

Pragmatic is a discipline that studies language in relation to the context where the idea is developed, that is, sentences produce a semantic meaning but their meaning and interpretation depend on the content and the linguistic context since the same sentence can have several senses in different contexts. In the pragmatic analysis, several variables are studied, such as the situation, the socio-cultural context, the people, the issuer, among others.

In law, a pragmatist is the lawyer who studies and interprets the laws of a given country.

On the other hand, pragmatism is a philosophical doctrine that adopts practical utility as its criterion, identifying the true with the useful.

When it comes to political pragmatism, it refers to the fact that they are based on prejudice and not on consequences, and the only criterion for judging the truth of any act or decision is through its practical effects.

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