Meaning of Rhetorical question

What is a rhetorical question:

As a rhetorical question, it is called one whose objective is not to express a doubt or ask for an answer or an explanation about a matter, but to give some emphasis to what is expressed or suggest a statement.

The rhetorical question, as such, is a literary figure, also known by the name of rhetorical interrogation or erotheme.

The rhetorical question consists of an interrogation launched without waiting for an answer back, since the answer is implicit in the very way in which the question is formulated, implying an idea or a point of view that, said thus, functions as an affirmation. , suggestion or an emphasis.

The way in which the rhetorical question achieves this is by simulating a dialogue or a consultation with the interlocutor, but assuming that the audience is of the same opinion.

The rhetorical question is used in argumentative speeches and texts, where the aim is to persuade the interlocutor, the public or the receiver, around a point of view on a matter or question, and move them to reflect so that they change their position.

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