Meaning of Overbearing

What is arrogant:

A person who feels powerful or influential is called arrogant. Generally, it imposes its power or authority to obtain an advantage or benefit, being a characteristic of many tyrants and despots of absolutist regimes.

See also Despotism.

Being arrogant is synonymous with powerful, dominating, oppressive, superior. The individual is often pointed out as arrogant and self-centered because he considers himself superior to others, center of the world, of everyone, acting in a disrespectful way towards others with contempt and offenses.

For more information, see the Arrogant article.

The arrogant person presumes of his power without any limitation, for which he obtains social rejection for the excess of his prerogative, such is the case of a boss with his subordinates, these being victims of abuse of power as a benefit of his authority to achieve their own interests and goals.

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