Meaning of Quickness

What is Presteza:

As readiness is known to the ability that certain people have to resolve any matter with agility and promptness or carry out an action. Therefore, the expression readiness is synonymous with speed, liveliness, speed, speed, agility, etc.

In consideration of the above, readiness is seen as a positive quality and valued especially in a worker who provides his services and / or products to a large public, since, as is known, the accelerated and exhausting lifestyle that individuals lead obliges look for fast and efficient services.

When a person responds quickly, effectively and efficiently to the execution or resolution of a certain situation, it is possible to speak of readiness. For example, there is an act of readiness, when an individual loses the signal of a cable service and communicates with the company and the person in charge reacts in a hurry to find the solution to the problem, ensuring that the user continues to enjoy the service as soon as possible. The programing.

However, readiness is a useful and beneficial ability for an individual to carry out in their work, in any area, with great emphasis on the public sector by virtue of the demands and speed that citizens want to be attended, with a speed in the publication of the decisions of your filed complaints, for example courts, ministries, etc.

The opposite of readiness is slowness, heaviness, parsimony, calm, pause, etc. In this sense, and given the diversity of personalities, there are individuals with abilities that are slightly delayed compared to others, they are characterized by slowing down, slowing down, in short, they take longer to carry out a fact or present an event. a solution.

However, for video game players, specifically the saga ´League of legends they understand swiftness as an object of enchantment.

Finally, in English, the expression readiness is translated as promptness, quickness.

Migratory readiness

In the field of nature, the readiness of nature or better known as the migratory readiness, is a term used in ornithology that refers to the restlessness and nervousness that a bird manifests when it is willing to travel or is committed to a trip. .

Birds under this condition react to certain stimuli such as the arrival of dawn or dusk, sudden changes in temperature and other modifications that are related to meteorological factors.

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