Meaning of Spring

What is Primavera:

The season of the year that precedes summer and after winter is known as spring. The word spring derives from Latin cousin which expresses "primer" and will see which means "greenery".

Spring is a season of the year that astronomically begins at the spring equinox and ends with the summer solstice. It is noteworthy that the seasons of the year vary according to the terrestrial hemispheres:

  • Southern Hemisphere: Spring begins on September 23 and ends on December 22. It is called southern spring, as it happens in Argentina and Chile.
  • Northern Hemisphere: Spring begins on March 20 and ends on June 21. It is called the boreal spring, and it happens in countries like Mexico and Venezuela.

In a figurative sense, "springs" are the years of age of a person, especially early youth. For example: spring is the youth of life.

The word spring is synonymous with rebirth, renewal, restitution, flowering, youth, among others.

On the other hand, the word spring has been used in different artistic contexts, especially in literature and music. In the case of literature, you can name the book Spring silencesto being its author Racher Carson who deals with the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment as well as the increasing pollution due to the activity of the chemical industry.

In English, the word spring in reference to the season of the year is translated to spring, for instance: "spring is in the airNow, the word spring to indicate the years of age of an individual is springtime.

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Spring characteristics

  • Day and night have the same duration, approximately 12 hours for the translational movement.
  • Blooming of flowers as a result of pollination. What is common is the growth of flowers and plants, reappearing the color after winter.
  • Spring has quite a pleasant climate as its temperature increases as the weeks progress. However, there may be days with cold temperatures due to the existence of some cold air masses.
  • Rainfall is often erratic.
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