Meaning of Primor

What is Primor:

Primor can refer to the skill or delicacy with which something is done, to the beauty of a thing done with care, or to a beautiful and charming person, who is characterized by having good qualities. The word, as such, comes from Latin beauties.

In this sense, we speak of beauty when we refer to the skill, care or delicacy that we put into doing or saying something. For example: "It is seen that this dinner has been prepared with care."

In the same way, a beauty is something very beautiful, executed precisely with skill and care: "This scarf that you have knitted for me is a beauty."

On the other hand, as a beauty we can also refer to a charming person, in whom we recognize good qualities: "That girl that Juan goes out with is quite a beauty."

Formerly, the word primor was used with the meaning of "primacy" or "principality".

Synonyms of beauty, in the sense of dedication, are: ability, dexterity, care or delicacy. Whereas in the sense of beauty, they are loveliness or preciousness.

In English, on the other hand, it can be translated as delicacy (delicacy), exquisite (wonder) or delightfull (charm).

On the other hand, the adverbial phrase “con delicately” can be translated, in the sense of ‘with care’ or ‘painstakingly’, as delicately. For instance: "Este tablecloth is very delicately embroidered”(This tablecloth is embroidered with great care).

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