Meaning of Principle

What is Principle:

A principle, in its broadest concept, is a base of ideals, foundations, rules and / or policies from which ideologies, theories, doctrines, religions and sciences are born.

Principle comes from Latin principium which means origin, beginning, beginning. Despite still being used to refer to the beginning of something, this word is mostly used in a moral and ethical philosophical sense.

Principles are also used to refer to foundations and / or laws about how an ideology, theory, doctrine, religion or science works. Some examples are:

  • Archimedean Principle, in Mathematics
  • Pascal's Principle or Pascal's Law, in Physics
  • Principles of Morality, in Religion

Moral Principles versus Ethical Principles

Moral principles can also be considered a reflection of our social behavior. These social behaviors are defined by the teaching of a certain culture and / or religion.

Ethical principles, on the other hand, reflect the “appropriate” behavior of people and the use of their specific knowledge in professional areas relevant to society (example: doctors).

The moral principles together with the ethical principles make up what is called Principles of the Human Being. These Principles, while extremely important, are a subjective creation of our own culture and our own religion.

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Principles and values

It is important to distinguish the difference with the values. Values ​​are what determine the priorities within our lifestyle (example: success, efficiency, family, empathy).

A person with Principles is considered, one who lives his values ​​in tune with his moral and ethical principles.

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Active principle

In pharmaceuticals, an active principle is the substance or matter that causes the desired effect in a medicine. For example, the active ingredient in aspirin (a brand name drug) is acetylsalicylic acid, or ASA.

The substance or matter of an active principle can be of any nature, both chemical and human, plant and / or animal.

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