Administrative Process Meaning

What is Administrative Process:

An administrative process is a series or sequence of acts governed by a set of rules, policies and / or activities established in a company or organization.

The administrative processes are intended to enhance the efficiency, consistency and accounting of its human, technical and material resources.

Stages of the administrative process

The stages of the administrative process are known by the acronym PODC of Planning, Organization, Direction and Control.

These four phases are cyclical and repeated for each objective established by the company or organization. Generally, these stages are divided into two major phases:

  • Mechanical phase: Planning (what to do) and Organization (how to do)
  • Dynamic phase: Direction (how it is being done) and Control (how it was done)

Administrative process functions

The functions of the administrative process are the same as the stages of the administrative process: planning, organization, direction and control. They differ from the administrative stages because they are considered managerial functions, therefore, they are applied

as to the general objectives of the company or organization.

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